Monday, August 16, 2010

The First Crusade, Part 2

I thought I would show some of the generals who opposed us at NorCon 2010, and by opposing us became our new friends! And isn't that what huge bloody games of futristic battles are all about? I have tried to show them with their armies.
Here we have Mark, Chris and Tensen. They brought a wonderful Ork army, full of character, and a huge beautiful Ork Blasta Bommer. Pictures of it to come.
Josh is a cousin to Paul, a member of the Conclave of Chaos at GMI. And while Paul plays evil, Josh's army is devoted to the Emperor! It was full of Guard and Inquisitors.
I believe this is Nate, who had a very characterful Guard army. Sadly he caught the full brunt of the Daemonic incursion to come.
Here is Andrew with his breathtaking Eldar force. A good opponent, but I call foul! The man was playing Apocalypse with a Golden Daemon-quality army! Actually, his army is very typical of what we found in Redding. Gorgeous armies, general-ed by really nice guys. The Roadshow has some work to do on the painting side. I believe that is Shane and Colton in the background.
And here is Justin, who had a little of everything non-evil in his force. His flyers latter did a good job of disordering my Forces of Disorder.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The First Crusade

Our good friend Anthony invited us to bring the Apocalyptic Travelling Roadshow up to NorCon 2010 in Redding, California. 5 of us loaded up a small Toyota minivan to the gills, and made the 8 hour, 600 mile trip to Northern California. We got there on Thursday, and after recuperating from our travel through the Warp (and after chowing on some excellent tacos at Monroe's) we set out Friday to help set up tables for the con, and get our mini's set up. On Saturday NorCon went live, and 12 local players took the brave stand against us. We got in 3 turns, and while their right wing was victorious, and their center held strong, their left wing was crushed under the banner of our Lord Wrath and his Berzerkers and Khorne Daemonic Legions.
The brave local generals, making the Sign of the Aquila, or is it getting fitted for coffins?
The Roadshow generals. To even out points, one of us joined the Besieged, and the other took part in NorCon's 40K RTT, and took first place, bringing more glory to the Roadshow! Yes, that is me in the middle in an actual hot pink GW polo. Hey, I'm a Slaanesh player...
The table was set up in an 'L'. We had about 80,000 points on each side. This is the long leg, the dreaded left flank...There are some Daemon Princes in the middle, holding place.
And then the Bloodthirsters dropped down in their Daemonic Assault! Things looked instantly grim!
And we made the local paper and TV news! This photo is courtesy of the Redding Record Searchlight! The contraption in the middle is a template holder, constructed by Lord Wrath's 7-year old son . They are great for those huge Apocalypse templates! NorCon also made the TV news. Check out this link: Channel 24 KNVN

I want to make a shout-out to The Armory, a great local game store. We stopped by on Friday, as Anthony's brother Ben wanted to challenge the Lord Wrath. They have the full GW line, and a bunch tables with cool terrain.

I will follow up later with pictures of the armies involved. They have some truly awesome armies in Redding!